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November 22nd, 2021

In defense of cookie cutters

Cookie cutters get a bad rap, but if you start from scratch next time you’re making gingerbread men, you might end up with one of those Pinterest fails.

While there’s no doubt that the world needs space and tools for personal creativity, cookie cutters are templates that save us a lot of time with work.

And the Product Hunt community loves a beautifully-executed time-saver. designstripe shot to the top of the homepage on Sunday with its library of customizable illustrations. The tool’s online editor lets you swap out almost every object from the handmade illustrations, generate new color platelets (or add your own), and adjust the visual look of the graphic, even adding background elements to the image.

Imagine not just being able to customize your gingerbread man’s buttons, but adjusting its shape and house and giving him all the right colors with a tap.

“A big goal for us is to make sure that everything you make with designstripe comes out looking amazing,” wrote maker James Daly. For the future, the team is looking at templates, animations, and 3D (Canva, are you watching?)

In the meantime, you can start customizing illustrations or test out these 7 other template tools so you can focus on whatever it is you're best at:

Pitch Deck - 60 Figma templates based on real experience from fundraising
CommunityOS - Free workbook with resources like email templates to help build your community
Privacy Policy - GitHub repo with tested pop-up modal and layered doc with clickable elements
Product Management - 9 templates created by product leaders from Netflix, Amazon and Spotify
WhatsApp Marketing - 100+ chat templates for WhatsApp marketing
SaaS Emails - Emails from top SaaS companies like Zapier, downloadable as HTML
GPT-3 Template - A Serverless NextJS template to help you build GPT-3 apps
Inovatik - 24 free HTML websites templates available for free under MIT license
Phigma - Figma templates for your Product Hunt launch

To customizable illustrations

Who else misses watching music videos as normally as you would binge Tiger King? Music television is back but with modern updates.

“...We are developing new features to allow for native video support and let artists premiere their work with us. Also, soon you'll be able to like, share, save, and add your favorite music videos to our playlists,” wrote the makers.

Binge music vids
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Time-to-value directly correlates with how quickly (and easily) customer data can be imported into your product. This process, AKA data onboarding, is typically inefficient, error-prone, and siphons your team's resources.

What if you could:

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Flatfile untangles the messy spreadsheet data your customers need to import, freeing your support (or worse, your engineering team) from wrangling Excel data for hours.

No messy CSV templates, or custom import scripts. Drive customers to value faster by upgrading their data onboarding experience with Flatfile.

You’ve done your research about Bitcoin and have been waiting for your moment to buy the dip, but you still don’t want to deal with figuring out a new platform. Enter Relai. It’s a Bitcoin investment app that simplifies & streamlines buying Bitcoin with Euros and Swiss Francs, with minimal barriers to entry.
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