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Retaining employees through the Great Resignation

The US hit a new record. Last week, the Labor Department said more than 4.4 million workers quit their jobs voluntarily in September — the highest on record. It’s driving companies to get serious about their plans for retaining workers.

Remote work has been a centerpiece topic. Emboldened by new tools, conscious founders, and startup success stories (see: Gitlab’s IPO), more startups are embracing remote life. But it’s not the whole story.

“Now is the time for HR to act and implement change,” wrote Kate Lynch for the Forbes Human Resources Council. “There are more innovative and out-of-the-box solutions today than ever before.”

SimplePerks, launching today, is an example. The startup enables companies to distribute benefits cards to employees and create one-time or recurring perks. Employees can use the app to see their perks.

Another example is Carrot Fertility, which closed a $75M funding round in August (and it's one of this writer's favorite benefits from Product Hunt). Fertility benefits have been increasing in popularity for years, but post-pandemic life is giving the space a bump. For one thing, people are revisiting the idea of growing their families again. Another: “68% of adults would change jobs for a company with better fertility benefits” noted Tammy Sun, Carrot Fertility’s founder, to Forbes.

But even the best benefits don’t guarantee your employees will stick around. Sometimes it comes down to fit. There’s a solution for that too. A team of makers launched Unboxable today, a new prediction matching platform that the makers say you can use to hire with 93% accuracy.

“The truth about today's hiring industry is that 46% of new hires are bad hires,” writes co-founder Stephie Knopel. The tool puts talent through an automated Job Simulator, a “fun experience where you also learn about the REALITY of the role, [then Unboxed] surfaces the shape of the talent: a data language that allows us to see with accuracy, if this is a TrueFit and if there's a high chances to thrive on both sides.”

Unboxable isn’t the only self-described job simulator launching today. Forage launched its platform for career discovery and upskilling. Users can job try out job simulations which are “like online courses, with 5-6 hours of content each and show the nitty-gritty of work,” wrote co-founder, Pasha.

“Think of Forage as Skillshare,” he continues, “but for learning real skills used at real companies, taught by the companies you want to work for.”

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