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October 26th, 2021

👋 Wanna hang?

Let’s talk about tech — in real life!

ICYMI, events are back, baby. We kicked off our first IRL meetup in post-pandemic times last month in New York City and had a blast.

We’re going to be real with you — socializing took some practice after that long of catnap. But there’s no judgment here. Only product-loving people eager to talk about what’s new out there — from Web3 to D2C; mobile games to board games; chatbots to dancing bots.

Come and talk about the future with us again.

Next stop: San Francisco. Tuesday, November 9. 6:30 pm PT. That’s right, in two weeks!!

Ashley Higgins will be there and Josh Buckley, too. We’ll all nibble, drink, be vaccinated, demo fun tech, feel awkward at least once, laugh, be grateful to be alive, and learn about an amazing product we didn’t know existed before we got there. Save your spot and RSVP here!

Thanks to our sponsor, Intercom! The Intercom Early Stage Program helps early-stage startups grow. Eligible startups get advanced Intercom features and Early Stage Academy at a 95% discount.

Not in San Francisco? Have FOMO, you should not. Come virtually or host a meetup, you should.

💻 Yes! Join virtually and meet with other amazing people? Hop in to Topia on November 9th at 6:30 pm PT.

😸 Additionally, unofficial meetups have always been essential to this global community. You don’t have to be an expert or an extrovert. If you can safely host a gathering, we’re here to help — just let us know you’re here for it.

So ditch the sweatpants (ok, keep the hoodie if you want!), RSVP and meet us on the other side of the keyboard.

I’m so there

Corporate spending startup Brex just launched an API. Brex CEO ​​Henrique Dubugras explained how Brex customers can use the API for free to automate vendor payments, allow customers to build their own reports, and issue virtual cards to people on their teams.

Brex also partnered with Zapier to ensure non-technical customers can leverage the API even if they can’t code.

In August we touched on Brex whilst writing about one of its competitors, Ramp. Both companies are at the front of a boom in corporate spending tech. Brex’s hyperspeed growth has reached a new height again — TechCrunch reported that the startup is closing a $300M funding round at a $12.3B valuation. Sources say it’s on track to double revenue this year.

Automate B2B transactions
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  • RIP business cards. melink launched its free digital contact card tool.
  • Warmly’s new Calendar Signatures puts LinkedIn details like title, pronouns, and city in your calendar.
  • “Most riders do not use motorcycles as their primary method for transportation,” wrote Blumenthal Ori. Enter Voom Insurance for pay-by-the-mile motorcycle insurance.
  • Pry Financials launched major updates to its pro forma financial tool for startups to manage MoM income, spending, and cashflows.
  • Fincredible is a new all-in-one tool for analyzing earnings calls in real-time.