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October 3rd, 2021

Turning work into a game

So you vanquished burnout and survived another week.

Or maybe you didn’t. Microsoft’s 2021 Work Trend report showed that 41% of the global workforce is likely to consider leaving their current job before next spring. It’s been called The Great Resignation or the Big Quit and motivations stem from things like changed priorities, turning side projects into careers, and pursuit of new skills or academics.

If so, we love that for you. Others can’t call it quits as easily or even choose a “work to live” lifestyle while pursuing hobbies in their free time. No matter who you are, stepping up to your desk on Monday can be tough. Even if you’re an entrepreneur, you may regularly need motivation to push yourself to your goals.

Work is a grind — but if it was a game too?

Make Work Fun is a “companion app for Notion” that gamifies your work so you can celebrate your wins in a way that’s trackable and fun. The makers at Co-x3 (a community of co-creators) first launched a tool to help you gamify your life back in July.

“[T]hat was a HUGE success... We knew we were onto something…The combination of adventure and community pushed me to level up faster and help my friends,” maker Conrad Lin wrote.

Now the Make Work Fun app enables you to gamify any Notion database and works with all templates. You can compete with others in the community, embark on quests, and build streaks to earn random rewards and top spots.

Reviews show early adopters are having a great time.

“By far the most elaborate productivity and gamification app I've come across. Most apps I've tried fall short in the aspect of tracking and visualizing progress over time… it never ceases to amaze me how these integrations work seamlessly.” Aaron Chong

“This genuinely takes the multiplayer experience for personal productivity to the next level. The onboarding is so easy & the experience after that is even better.” Nihit Khandelwal

Lin and the other makers have made Make Work Fun available for free. They’re also open-sourcing the code in another week, with a hacking session coming up on Saturday, October 8.

To more fun at work
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