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September 29th, 2021

New privacy tools for going incognito

Yesterday we told you about Astro, Amazon’s new home robot. Behind that calm screen face, some people only see a potential privacy killer. It is, after all, a camera and microphone with wheels in your home.

Amazon says there's no risk, telling Mashable, “We employ best-in-class on-device security techniques, to include data encryption, boot protection, and account access restrictions."

Many people won’t be deterred by concerns, but more people are doing what they can to protect how much of their personal information they allow into the world. Privacy-first browsers and VPNs are often the first line of defense for anyone who wants to protect their privacy, but here are a few more launches for those interested in reducing your digital footprint.

Email Aliases
Yesterday, 1password released a new Masked Emails product which lets you protect your email addresses by creating random emails without leaving the sign up page. Email aliases help protect you if there’s a data breach in the service/tool you’re signing up to. Hackers won’t be able to get your actual information and try to phish scam you — which is where 91% of all cyber attacks start.

Note that Apple, Gmail, and other services do have email alias functions you can use, if you prefer.

Document Encryption
Let’s say you drop your files in a secure file storage. There’s usually still a risk that someone can take a photo of it. LeadsID converts any document to PDF format but enriches it with invisible steganographic marks. That mark enables LeaksID to notify the document creator anytime someone opens a confidential document — including a small fragment or a photograph of it on a smartphone — and determine the identity of the offender.

Note Taking
We each have our own favorite note-taking tool, but if you wrote down a list of the reasons you love it and where it could improve, would privacy even make the list? If it did — or if you thinking it should — the launch of Skiff might pique your interest. It’s a workspace built from the ground up to be privacy first, with end-to-end encryption, expiring links, watermarks, locked documents, and more.

Address Protection
Many creators receive gifts from their supporters regularly. Throne is a wish-list for creators/influencers to get items and gifts without exposing their address.

Hide me
“Building and deploying software has become far too complicated for even seasoned engineers. What if, instead of writing thousands of lines of yaml, you could simply express your intent to a program, and that program would convert that intent into the infrastructure required to host your code?”
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