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A safety net for founders: career insurance

Imagine walking into a casino and placing everything you own on one square with your name on it. That’s how many people approach their careers.

What if there was a way to spread out your money across the board, with an equal amount placed on each person in a cohort of people like you?

Pando is a startup working to make that possible through income pooling. With Pando, a group of members come together and commit a small portion of their income to a shared pool. The funds get equally divided up each year.

Pando took aim at baseball players first after it launched in 2017. Since then, it’s achieved some success attracting athletes into Pando pools — particularly minor league players who may never make it to the majors. After it raised a $8.5M Series A, Pando began expanding its reach to other high-risk, high-reward professionals, like entrepreneurs.

Pando's website is currently featuring pools for professionals in healthcare, fintech, social impact, and founders in general. Pools are like an insurance policy, but not to be mistaken for one. Pando doesn’t guarantee payouts. Payout rules are set per pool by the users although Pando does set ground rules, like what happens if someone stops contributing (there's basically a one-year grace period).

We’re seeing more makers who would rather play a positive-sum game over winner-takes-all. Pando is part of a greater movement towards community building, but puts skin in the game in the form of your dollars.

Would you spread out some of your eggs into your cohort’s basket? Tell us on the launch page.

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If you make software and you want to work with video, you’d have to hire expert video engineers and build video infrastructure that 10,000 other companies have already built from scratch (to varying degrees of success). We think that’s pretty bananas.

Mux has a better approach: one developer-friendly API to video platform. POST a video and GET back a video URL that plays well on any device.

Spend time building your product and the things that make it special, and we'll take care of the video stuff. Mux helps make beautiful videos possible for every development team.


The makers of Riya Collective wanted to solve their own problem — they were going to have to fly all the way to India for easy and modern clothing for a friend's wedding.

Today they launched Riya to make it easy to buy or rent for an Indian wedding. Clothing is made to size and can be sold back through the platform to the next owner, or directly back to the company.

To the wedding party