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10 trending iOS apps

The tech community got the big news we were waiting for on Friday — a U.S. judge issued a ruling in the Epic v. Apple case. Starting December 9, developers can skirt the 30% commission Apple usually takes on in-app purchases by using links and buttons to direct customers outside of Apple’s ecosystem.

Apple plans to appeal, but a settlement between Apple and Japan’s Fair Trade Commission also recently allowed developers of “reader” apps to link externally, so we’re not sure Apple can stop this tide from shifting. In yet another recent case (a class action suit), Apple settled on a $100M payout for small developers.

There has been a lot at stake in these cases, with losses and wins on both sides. At Product Hunt, we’re often happy to see changes that help app developers with distribution and sales.

On that note, we’re highlighting 9 of the newest trending iOS apps you might find handy:

Omnicourse - Grow your skills with audio courses; Lecturers get paid by the minute

Playsit - Organize your game library, mark what you’ve played, and share with friends

Candlewaster - Improve your reading habit with tracking and visualization of your stats

Loggo - Log fevers, meds, liquids and symptoms while you care for a sick loved ones

Jaadoo - Search and manage your mobile screenshots

Holly Health 2.0 - An adaptive burnout-prevention coach with evidenced psychology

Chiff - Login to any website with your face or fingerprint

RPGen - Hand-crafted content for quick hooks and stories in RPG games like D&D

Documents X - Super app for file actions like editing PDFs, unique formats, and sharing

Learn something new

Grin Gaming is a new app for competing to win cash by predicting live events. Maker Nick Bucheleres shared:

"As an everyday user of daily fantasy sports apps, I grew tired of “set-it-and-forget-it” experiences where I couldn’t answer questions in real-time and have fun predicting every play of NFL each week."

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There’s no shortage of recipes on the interwebs, but sometimes that makes knowing what to cook hard to figure out. Pepper launched last week with a social recipe app for sharing and discovering food with family and friends.
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