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September 6th, 2021

Diagnose 10 oral conditions with your smartphone

We wouldn’t be surprised to hear stories about the Tooth Fairy paying by Venmo or in Dogecoin these days.

Dental, like the rest of the world, has been moving towards digital and at-home care. Mostly we’ve seen D2C orthodontics and subscription products, like Quip which just raised $100M.

Today’s launch of Adent Health goes a step further with an app for scanning your teeth and tracking your dental health. Adent uses your smartphone’s camera and AI computer vision to give you a free dental checkup, spotting signs of more than 10 oral conditions (so far).

If it makes you a little weary to leave dental health to an app, that’s understandable. The makers explain that Adent is a certified medical device, and they’ve worked with dental professionals for over 40k hours to build and test its algorithms and clinical outcomes.

Dentists from the team are also chiming in to answer questions from the community. When asked about spotting hidden caries or cavities deep in the mouth, maker Leila Samadi explained that an X-Ray would likely be needed, but the app often detects signs from users who report pain or sensitivity.

“We are not in this world to replace dentists — a dentist will always be the gold standard… we are strong believers in prevention and early intervention... You scan your teeth and get a 95% accurate answer... And because you can do it every one or two weeks, we see that our users are tracking their health.”

Co-founder Richard Bundsgaard shared that he was inspired to start Adent Health after receiving an incorrect diagnosis from a dentist himself, all but highlighting another point: IRL misdiagnoses do happen. Maybe another way to think of Adent is as your first opinion, if the dentist is your second (after all, you'll still need to go to one for treatment).

Adent is offering an exclusive for the Product Hunt community: a free scan and consultation in exchange for feedback.

Scan your teeth

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As one commenter notes:“This product is like a pretty accurate description of what I would expect the future to look like!” - Ruben Wolff

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