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August 8th, 2021

Same-day delivery for all

Not only do American consumers love same-day delivery, they’re growing to expect it.

“Demand for same-day delivery is growing at 43% annually across many business verticals,” wrote Mahmoud Ghulman, co-founder of Nash, on Product Hunt.

Amazon has something to do with that. Same-day delivery has been available on select products in densely populated areas globally since 2015. The problem is that most retailers or distributors don’t have the resources or scale that Amazon does. So what about everyone else? Makers are trying existing networks to close the gaps.

Nash is working to make it easy for businesses to offer same-day delivery at scale. Businesses (e.g. dry cleaners) can use the Nash software or API to offer pickup/delivery at a customer’s desired time by connecting to delivery providers (e.g. DoorDash), without needing to hire drivers or manage their own delivery operations.

Cache, which launched on Product Hunt last Friday, is in this space but is further focused on serving non-urban areas where “convenience deserts” have limited consumers from taking advantage of doorstep delivery.

“We’re big fans of products like GoPuff but... the economics don’t really lend themselves to many suburban areas... It doesn’t make sense to staff someone in a store overnight only to fulfill $30 worth of NyQuil (or even 10x that). Even though having access to snacks, OTC drugs… is really important when you need it.” wrote Jimmy Young. Young and co-founder, Christopher Wu, were previously working to lower costs for on-demand delivery at DoorDash.

Cache creates digital storefronts on Doordash and Uber Eats. Consumers make an order and drivers collect them at tiny, automated dark stores for delivery. The units can even hold ice cream, and maybe one day iPhones. Cache units are in just two locations today with plans “to cover the majority of the U.S. in the next 5 years and expand categories.”

Click through to get a look at the dark stores and share feedback.

Same-day delivery for all
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