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July 29th, 2021

AWS is eating the internet

Amazon’s cloud computing arm has been eating more and more of the internet every year. Amazon just shared that AWS revenue grew 37% in Q2. In 2020, it held 41% of the market (more than double Microsoft in second place).

If you were thinking, "With all that growth, cloud computing on AWS must be as easy as ordering socks for next-day delivery," you’d be wrong.

Igor Zalutski of Digger explained: “🤯 The complexity of AWS is frustrating. It now has over 200 services, and it takes lots of knowledge and upfront work to just get your apps deployed.”

Digger is a no-code AWS solution that launched earlier this month. Makers can generate cloud infrastructure without having to learn AWS.

Non-technicals may not know that plenty of companies have been working to make it easier to build and manage cloud platforms for years. Platform as a Service companies like Heroku and Vercel exist for this purpose. Zalutski explained that Digger’s goal is to solve for the limitations and shortcomings of existing models.

“Unlike PaaS, there are no limitations on what you can build with Digger – because under the hood it generates Terraform.”

To peek under the hood, read on to see what questions the community had for the makers of Digger:

To Digger

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