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July 18th, 2021

Twitch for Science

“You want your 6-year old to learn about Mars — let’s take a spaceship to Mars then!”

That’s how founder Ahmad Faraaz introduced Kalam Labs to the community today. The new live game streaming platform offers a way for kids to learn about science topics, like black holes and aliens, without stuffy materials like PowerPoint presentations.

Kalam Labs hosts live streams daily and Faraaz noted that, on average, kids are completing 45 minutes of the 60-minute streams — a 5x higher completion rate over YouTube.

Aliens don’t usually make it into many children's curriculum, but then neither do a lot of topics — like starting a business. A startup called Mighty is enabling children to gain real-life experience in entrepreneurship with its eCommerce platform for kids.

Mighty made its way onto Product Hunt after closing $6.5 million in seed funding this month. The LA-based startup works like a Shopify platform, but made-easier for children. Kids launch a website, design a logo and brand, customize products made by other CEOs, and earn real money. Mighty takes care of things like shipping and product development (kids can’t currently sell their own handmade items but the founders told TechCrunch they’re working to change that).

There are a few concerns around the idea for a modern-day lemonade stand. As a community of makers, many can understand that entrepreneurship comes with a significant level of stress and dedication. Plus, kids are spending so much time online these days.

KidX Classbox just launched to alleviate the screen time issue, at least partially, by combining online learning with real-world play. KidX combines pre-recorded videos of math, logic, and brain games that are made interactive with correlating toys.

Parents are under a lot of pressure when it comes to figuring out how to provide the best education and experiences for their children. Since every child is unique, we love to see new approaches.

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“The next big social app has to be based on memes”
Vidya Madhavan is building Schmooze, a meme-based dating app. Another dating app? That’s what she thought too. As it turns out Gen Zers are exchanging 500-800 memes per day.
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Planning travel is tough right now.

Escape is a flight tracker and planner that launched on Product Hunt a couple of years ago. The makers just introduced their native mobile app, highlighting a feature that gives you info about Covid case data and travel restrictions for easier planning.

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