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July 13th, 2021

F u taboos

Most of us have struggled with our hormones, in some form or another. Yet keeping them in check has become a taboo topic.

According to Hone, 30 million men over 35 struggle with low testosterone. Co-founder Saad Alam shared his story in yesterday’s launch:

“I started to lose my energy, my stamina, my sleep became worse, my sex drive was completely gone, I felt sad, and I started to gain weight... and it took me 6 months and countless specialists to diagnose my condition. I went on hormone optimization therapy changed my life.”

Hone offers at-home blood tests, 30-minute telehealth visits, and treatments shipped to your home. The launch fits into a growing group of makers and investors pushing digital health forward globally, while trying to crack through social stigmas and taboos (women’s health is full of them too.)

Also here to tackle taboos today is BlockerX, a judgment-free app that helps in overcoming compulsive watching of porn. Porn consumption is a potential problem for all genders and ages, but founder Tejas Balasubramanya specifically calls out 18 to 30-year-olds — a segment that’s more likely to struggle with this issue.

“Watching porn compulsively is one of the most embarrassing problems that a young guy could face. Because this is a taboo topic, there's very little support available to get out of this problem.”

Despite the simple name, the app isn’t just a blocker. It offers an online community and a buddy system so you and a friend/partner can help keep each other accountable towards your goals.

Taboos, by definition, take work to break. Users who are still too nervous to ask a friend for help can “find a buddy” through BlockerX's forum as well.

Gumroad founder and Hone investor, Sahil Lavingia, was one of the first to open up on Twitter by sharing his own experience with low testosterone, which encouraged others to follow suit. We’re here for it.

Check out Hone

This thing is getting serious. Might be time to delete the dating apps and move on to these:

Social media official et al.: Official, an app for making love last.

Put-a-ring-on-it official: HelloPrenup, a quick and easy way to get a prenup.

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