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July 12th, 2021

Eat fresh

If there’s one thing millennials and younger generations love more than exotic travel, it’s staying local.

Love for local products continues to rise steadily. The pandemic and still-growing sharing economy have given localization an extra boost too. Here's a handful of new tools for supporting your neighbors.


Local: Locale connects fresh foods from local businesses together so it reaches you in one box.

“Food delivery is a really crowded space. However, small ticket items don't fit the instantaneous delivery model… Locale customers... get it all delivered in one box with a $5 delivery fee.” - Jonathan Friedland

Hyperlocal: Galora connects you with your neighbors to find homegrown goods — from eggs to cannabis.

“My backyard in LA produces a couple hundred pounds of fruit each year, and most of it spoiled... Finding a way to sell or trade this amazing food in my community was the inspiration for Galora.” - Ryan Xavier


Ever eyed that art on the wall at your local cafe?

Lonely Walls lets you discover and buy work from local artists. In turn, it connects those artists with local businesses to help them create unique art exhibitions on site.


WKND creates personalized, local weekend adventure packages for you and your friends. It starts with a Myers-Briggs-inspired personality test and ends with a “ready-to-live-and-share local weekend.”

“The car-free, workaholic and social media-driven generation find it difficult to recharge, reboot, and re-energize every weekend… We’ve been working hard over the past year to build a unique and powerful local travel platform.”- Brian Friedman

We’ve covered Auditorium before so we’ll keep it short: hyper-local, live audio performances. Boom.

It’s worth saying — we know many of these products are unique the U.S. If you’ve got an alternative (like this UK one), do the community a favor and post it!

Share your avocados

Our AMA with David Spinks, founder of CMX, is coming up this Wednesday!

Spinks is the Founder of CMX, the world's largest network for community professionals. In 2019, CMX was acquired by Bevy, where David serves as the VP of Community. His book, The Business of Belonging, is the latest book club read by our team here at Product Hunt.

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Take a whiff of these new product launches.

💻 A no-code tool that enables you to build custom web apps on top of your Webflow projects.

💩 An easy way to track pupper’s #2s (and milestones too).

💰 A checking account that lets you invest but still has instant access to your cash.

💉 Toy versions of those Coolest ice chests and Theranos blood tests we never got.

🚘 A Carculator that helps you find deals on cars that you can pay off with Turo (the car sharing app).