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July 6th, 2021

The perfect fit 🍑

If you’ve ever felt remorse looking at racks of new clothing, you might already know — about 20% of apparel each year gets shredded or burned without ever being sold.

In the fashion industry, the most thorough sustainable production includes strategy on both what materials are used, and what process is used to produce. Terms like “made to order” and “circular production” roughly translate to better for the environment.

We were reminded of this with the launch of Rothy’s men’s line (targeting circularity), and Autumn Adeigbo (made-to-order), one of a16z’s TxO accelerator startups. Denim brand unspun counts itself among such highly sustainable brands and has just launched its new mobile app to elevate its experience.

Based in San Francisco and Hong Kong, unspun is a robotics and digital apparel company building custom jeans for each consumer, on-demand. The new app, officially in public beta, lets you 3D scan yourself for a custom-made pair of jeans, which unspun touts will be the perfect fit.

“No two customers ever get the same pants; these are built to your actual waist, hips, thighs, calf, ankles… all unique to you.” — Kevin Martin, cofounder

unspun counts H&M Foundation as one its investors. While that may confuse at first glance, Martin touches on the company’s bigger vision.

“We use our small brand as the concept car… and that sends the big brands... knocking on our door. We then power the same zero-inventory process for them (yes we're a fashion company with a SaaS product lol), which adds some commas to the tons of waste they can divert, their ultimate profits, and, yes— also our revenue.”

Something we’ve heard from makers in this space, including Martin, is that fashion is always at the forefront. unspun has set out to prove that by luring talent from companies like Levi’s. While the production method may be techie, a made-to-order product typically provides a higher quality product. So go ahead and...

Scan that butt

Y-Combinator launched its Co-founder Matching platform on Product Hunt today.

We love the idea — afterall, remember what happened when Coinbase founder Brian Armstrong sought a cofounder on Hacker News? 🤦

Make me a match
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