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June 20th, 2021

Your personal gaming mentor

Let's be honest, many gamers are not as calm as the character in that GIF when they lose a game. Hopefully with a teacher, or SenpAI, you'll die less.

Makers Olcay Yilmazcoban and Berk Ozer launched the AI-based personal gaming assistant to the Product Hunt community today. SenpAI (a reference to the Japanese "senpai" which broadly means "teacher") helps gamers learn faster with key insights on how to play better. That includes pre-game setup analysis, in-game support, and after-game performance breakdowns and suggestions.

Yilmazcoban explained that the primary focus is to support low-to-middle level competitive gamers who would like to improve their gameplay. Casual gamers can also use SenpAI to save time and effort in their gaming journey and keep up with meta changes.

SenpAI was developed by Turkish startup, Falcon AI, who started the company to improve AI capabilities and focused on esports after seeing the high demand in the space.

Demand is definitely growing. Esports attracts more than 450 million enthusiasts and viewers, generating nearly $1.1 billion in revenue per year according to research firm NewZoo.

As gaming continues to grow, coaching products have been expanding with different approaches targeted towards both professionals and casual gamers. Voice-assistants like Fridai create a frictionless experience with walkthroughs and screenshots that don’t require you to move a finger. Marketplaces like Metafy match gamers with instructors.

Startups like these and Falcon AI have recognized the demand goes beyond career professionals.

“When I say esports, people may misunderstand me. Our focus includes both professional gamers and up-and-coming gamers who just want to improve their skills,” Ozer told TRT World.

SenpAI currently supports League of Legends and VALORANT with TFT coming soon.

Get an assistant

That’s the unofficial description of the housing market in the United States since the pandemic started. In a recent Redfin survey, 63% of people reported that they bid for a home they had not seen in person. That’s what happens when the typical home sells in 17 days (a record low) for 1.7% more than its asking price (a record high), per the Economist.

If you’re taking the plunge, we’re sending you best wishes and also Realm. It’s a modern financial planner for your home, helping you to analyze things like a home's current and potential costs, ROI estimates for renovations, and tools to prioritize based on budget and goals.

To smarter home buying
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