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May 26th, 2021

What the Creator Renaissance was missing
The creator economy is running wild and free, and people are taking notice.

Earlier this month maker Ollie Forsyth posted Antler’s Mapping of The Creator Economy, sorting over 220 platforms that are enabling creators to build empires.

We’ve been watching this growth for a long time although few had foreseen the Creator Renaissance in its entirety a decade ago. We caught up with John O’Nolan, founder of Ghost, who told us:

“We had no idea that this was going to take off in such a big way, but now that it has our team is solely focused on building new features for the creator economy.”

Although the boom has provided creators with an abundance of tools to monetize their skills, it can be easy to forget that beyond creativity, entrepreneurship is often supported by hustle, audience building, and data. Same goes for the passion economy. We’re seeing more mentorship for entrepreneurs in this space and products that help creators overcome fragmentation in the marketplace of creator tools.

For example, we recently wrote about Geneva and Garnet, two new all-in-one community platforms for engaging your community. Now today, Orbit’s launch introduces a “mission control for your community.” With Orbit, creators can measure and track their communities in a single view with integrations, API, or Zapier. Li Jin explained:

“Orbit... unlock[s] new insights about who are the most active and influential members, which channels are most important, and where they can improve their community programs. The result is a better experience for community members as well as a deeper understanding of ROI for community builders and business leaders.”

Though the content reaches beyond the passion economy, both Doing Content Right (a recent Maker Grant recipient) and The Embedded Entrepreneur are new resources for creators. The former covers everything you need to know about publishing online, from a writer with a resume including the Hustle and Hubspot. The latter contains actionable insights on how to build an audience-driven business.

The Embedded Entrepreneur maker, Arvid Kahl, shared one of his key lessons with our Community Program Manager Sharath Kuruganty:

“Involve people at all steps during building something… if you want to write for them, why not involve them in the process? Ask them what they want to read about. Ask them if what you wrote is intelligible for them.”

You can get more actionable insights from Kahl here.
Hobby -> Empire
A lot of teams are looking at a hybrid working model post-pandemic (i.e part office, part WFH). We covered tools for remote work often last year, but a new launch today called Café is all about hybrid work planning and answer the question "When should I go into the office?"
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