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May 16th, 2021

10 better ways to learn
Over the last year, we wrote here and there about growth in EdTech investment as social distancing made space for new forms of learning. Lately, the stock market has brought some people to question if EdTech has run its course.

TechCrunch reported on recent declines in notable edtech company stock. For example, Coursera has shed about half of its value after its IPO in March and is now trading close to its IPO price. Meanwhile in the private market TechCrunch estimated, based on Crunchbase data, that we should expect around $5.1 billion in venture capital investment in this space this year — up from $2.06 billion last year.

In the Product Hunt community, we continue to see tech-driven concepts add more value to EdTech and LearnTech. In the same way that remote work and telehealth seem poised to remain more popular than ever, it seems likely that this space will continue its growth, driven by science-backed concepts and machine learning instead of school closures.

Here are ten innovative products we’ve seen launch in this space in last three months.

Traverse - An app using science-backed methods for learning and applying new skills and concepts

WarmMachine - A website that maps domain concepts in machine learning to help self-learners plan their learning path

Harken - Flashcard app that uses spaced repetition to help you learn

ASH - Inspired by the Pokedex, an AI pocket field guide for kids to discover nature

Jax – A chatbot that teaches you JavaScript and React with chats, flashcards, and quizzes

Alpe Audio - Audio courses designed with to help you learn while on the go

Ace ASL - App using AI to practice and learn American Sign Language

Sutle - A platform for saving and organizing online resources into a directed path

TeenUp - A learning platform for teens by teens to help them learn from their peers

Pressto - A website that teaches kids media literacy and writing skills while building a newspaper
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