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May 12th, 2021

Tech Twitter loves this site builder
Say what you want about MySpace — those pages had personality. Over the last decade, websites have become more streamlined and neat.

Now one maker has created a website builder that better enables people to unleash their creativity, but with an easy, no-code tool.

“There seems to be fewer and fewer personal websites — many of which now look increasingly similar — and, yet, more people than ever have some Graphic Design Lite experience (a la Snapchat & Instagram)” - XH

XH launched on Product Hunt today and is receiving an incredible response from Tech Twitter. makes it easy to create collage-like websites (overlapping text, images, GIFs, YouTube videos) on desktop and mobile. The drag & drop builder and automatically responsive pages makes it “dead simple” to build a fun, functional site in no time. Over the last 24 hours, XH has re-tweeted a wave of personal websites created by early adopters.

Of course, the Product Hunt community is digging the freedom too.

“ makes web development more like scrapbooking, and it's a lot of fun! We can ignore all the technicalities of building a website and just get creative.” - Sreeram Venkitesh

To quote one Twitter user, @viktoriaa, “today is a great day to abandon your actual responsibilities and spend a stupid amount of time on redesigning your personal website.”

Don’t forget to add your voice on the launch page as well and let HK know what you want to see next.
mmm yes please
Sure, invoicing isn’t is as sexy as collage websites, but it may hit the spot for freelancers and finance teams.

ICYMI, Stripe dropped Invoicing yesterday featuring:

🧾 A dashboard editor to invoice customers easily with no code
📱Invoicing with the Stripe iOS app
💱 Multi-currency invoicing

Questions? Ask the makers.
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