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May 2nd, 2021

Don’t close those tabs. Meet Mighty.
Don't close those tabs.

Mighty has just launched — a faster browser that is entirely streamed from a powerful computer in the cloud.

“When you switch to Mighty, it will feel like you went out and bought a new computer with a much faster processor and much more memory. But you don't have to buy a new computer. All you have to do is download a desktop app.”

Mighty is the newest company from Mixpanel co-founder Suhail Doshi. Mighty says that its speed will enable users to have 50+ tabs open without your computer coming to a crawl. It’ll also give users 2+ hours of battery life. Designing in Figma will feel 2x faster.

Suhail explained in Mighty’s launch blog that while the team initially started its work by looking at streaming Microsoft Windows (“80%+ of humanity still runs Windows”), it became clear that the better focus was browsers now that people have shifted much of their activity to web apps.

“From the user's point of view, the browser is the operating system.”

Mighty suggests its impacts go beyond the browser. Suhail's master plan is to reignite the future of desktop computing. Today, power users are chucking out hardware for newer, pricier models every few years. Suhail’s vision is the opposite. He sees a future where we upgrade less, replacing expensive computers with lower-powered ones, yet still achieving multi-day battery life.

Critics may deem software speed less necessary as hardware improves, but Suhail views things as a virtuous cycle where one inspires the other.

“By changing the constraints we're all used to as software and hardware engineers, a new kind of computer is possible. A computer that can directly benefit consumers to take advantage of cloud infrastructure and networking.”

Mighty is now onboarding new users from their waitlist every week.
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Ever wanted to learn from one of the greats? Deepfakery has made its way to Albert Einstein so that you can learn about science and test your knowledge.

The product is a result of work from startup Alforithmic who wanted to show how AI technology will soon "make conversational social commerce possible.”

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