Product Hunt Daily Digest
October 30th, 2016

New from the founders of Vine. RIP Vine. 🌱
RIP Vine. Last week Twitter announced that the popular 6-second video app that loop indefinitely will be shutting down early next year. A sad day for the internet, but thankfully we have alternatives.

On the same day, the founders of Vine launched a new app! Hype is ridiculous, fun, and a totally new take on live video. Rus & Colin hit lightening in a bottle with Vine four years ago. Could Hype be the new thing that finally takes live video streaming mainstream? 🤔

P.S. Giphy built a tool that preserves all your Vines as GIFs in 1 click. 💕
Join The Hype
The co-founder of launched a new video Q&A app today. Check out Whale and ask Justin Kan and team all about it. 🐋