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January 24th, 2021

Makers Festival to $7.5M
Today, the folks over at Yelling At Cubicles (aka YAC) announced a $7.5M round of funding led by GGV Capital and a return investment from the Slack Fund.

You might remember the team from their Maker Story where cofounder Justin Mitchell unpacks how 1 tweet led them to raise $400K. That $400K is now $7.5M. Pretty impressive stuff.

Fun Fact: YAC started as a project during our first ever Makers Festival in 2018 where they went on to win a Silver Kitty Trophy. 🏆

YAC is a voice messaging app for remote teams allowing you to leave a voice note for your team in Slack, in a group, or in public. A kind of Slack-meets-Clubhouse scenario.

With Clubhouse itself now reportedly valued at $1B, and Twitter audio spaces gaining momentum, the social audio space is increasingly interesting to watch. Many products dropped in this space last year, we covered a number of them in this newsletter. We're excited to see how this space develops, and what launches to look out for in 2021

We are joined by the YAC team today for an AMA to discover how they went from Product Hunt Makers Festival to raising $7.5M. Join us and ask them a question.
Show me YAC
There is still time to register for the Golden Kitty Awards 2020 live virtual award ceremony taking place this Thursday (January 28), at 12 pm PST.

Expect exclusive winner announcements, interviews with Ryan Hoover, Josh Buckley, and special guests, chances to meet host Casey Newton and network with past winners and other makers. We'll even have our classic IRL meetup traditions of photo booths and swag giveaways.

Slots are limited so don't forget to register to attend.

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