Product Hunt Daily Digest
April 25th, 2018

BREAKING: Snap Spectacles now available 😎
Snap’s new, much-rumored Spectacles are here.

Evan Spiegel is stealing from Amazon' playbook: you can buy any of the 3 colors with free, 2-day shipping.

💧 Underwater-friendly
📸 Takes photos (not just video)
👖 Smaller case that can fit in your pocket
🤓 Prescription lenses available by default
💸 $149.99, up $20 from version 1
⚡ 4x faster syncing via WiFi

Back in 2016, Snap made waves announcing v1 of its camera glasses. Soon-to-be Spectacles owners (including the Product Hunt team!) lined up in front of one-eyed vending machines around the world to get their hands on a pair. The hype was as real as a Supreme drop.

Today's launch is far less spectacular. V2 Spectacles are available online for everyone, and the Snapbots are missing in action. Hopefully they'll make an appearance soon! 🤞

Will you buy a pair of Spectacles? Add your thoughts in the discussion.
New Spectacles 😎

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