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This button is valued at $200M 🔴
MSCHF dropped Push Party yesterday along with a press release announcing its seed round at a $200M valuation.

Currently invite-only in TestFlight, the app is incredibly simple. After receiving your invite link, type in a username then hit the big red button. It will notify everyone else currently in the app. Be prepared for a lot of notifications.

According to maker Daniel Greenberg, “Push Party is a new entrant to the exciting space of post-social digital campfires that rekindle a more intimate, authentic connection between users and the people they care about most.”

Daniel also tells us that, “For the last few months, Push Party has been in beta being used by some of the biggest celebrities, influential people and venture capitalists.”

Since usernames don’t need to be verified right now we’re calling sus on the celeb handles on the product page. 😏

The open-ended username means conversations can flow, if hard to follow, through the notifications feed. With 5000+ pushes sent in under 24 hours, creative users are already plotting ways to connect more meaningfully.

Push Party is giving us strong Yo vibes, the app that would simply let you say, ‘Yo’ to other nearby users. Yo famously raised a $1.5M round at a $10M valuation for the simple social network in 2014. Push Party has ‘pushed’ (sorry) past Yo’s valuation, securing its seed led by Trae Stephens of Founders Fund against a $200M valuation, although the exact sum invested is undisclosed.

The internets resident mischief-makers could well be poking fun at current tech trends with this latest drop and press stunt, or it could be creating the next big thing. 🤷‍♀️

Either way, we’re here for it and whatever MSCHF drops next.
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