Product Hunt Weekly Digest
October 9th, 2016

Get 💩 done with these apps
Happy Monday! The week is just beginning. Start by exploring this Productivity Hacks list and by the end of this email you will become a productivity machine. 💪 

💻 Toby organizes all your browser tabs into searchable visual lists
💌 Boomerang is your AI assistant for writing perfect emails
🌐 AccessURL lets you share login access without sending passwords
🎵 Background Music is your audio control for individual Mac apps
🏃 Escape tracks the unnecessary time you spend on distracting sites

For more, follow the Productivity Topic on Product Hunt.
Need Productivity
This month the Product Hunt community made some pretty cool integrations for... Product Hunt 😸
🃏 Product Hunt Profile Cards for hover over cards
🌌 Product Dark for nighttime hunting
💬 Product Hunt Mentions to easily @mention anyone 
🤖 Product Huntian for Facebook Messenger
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