Product Hunt Weekly Digest
February 18th, 2018

Black Mirror is real (and backed by YC) 🤖👀

Black Mirror is real, and it's backed by Y Combinator. 👀

Meet Molly, a startup that's building an AI-version of you. It's already live with Gary V, Michael Seibel (President of Y Combinator), and 100s more.

Molly learns from everything you've ever done or typed on the internet, so it can answer questions for you using machine learning.

Molly was launched by a small, talented team including last year’s Golden Kitty award winner and long-time community member, Chris Messina.

You'll soon be able to ask the best founders and investors anything. Since Molly is like a "download" of one's brain, it can answer questions 24/7... even from those that are no longer alive. Freaky.

Get early access and reserve your name on Molly by signing up here. 😎


"I’m sure it’s parked around here somewhere…" –Elon Musk

Two weeks ago, Elon shot his Tesla Roadster towards Mars on the Falcon Heavy rocket. It was nuts.

Today, you can track exactly where his car is in space. 2018 is nuts.