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November 13th, 2017

Shots fired at Google Chrome! 🔥🦊
Firefox just released Firefox Quantum, the newest, fastest version of Firefox yet. The video is great.

Patrick lays out the biggest selling point: "Firefox 57 is seriously a game-changer. It is ridiculously fast + nice sleeping at night knowing that Google isn't stealing absolutely every piece of information."

Innovation in the space has come a long way since @pmarca invented the first widely used web browser (Mosaic) and co-founded Netscape.

Today, we have ethereum based alternatives. Brave Browser blocks all ads and trackers. The team raised $30M in 24 seconds. ⚡️

Earlier this year Opera showed us the web browser of the future. 🔮

There's also Ghost Browser, the ultimate productivity browser, and Blisk, a Chromium-based browser for web developers. 🛠

Request for product: Chrome Extension to Firefox Add-On converter.
Get Firefox Quantum
Republic just launched Republic Crypto, a new line of products designed to bring much-needed accessibility and inclusivity to the blockchain space.

In partnership with CoinList, Republic will enable crypto startups to raise money from investors of all income brackets, opening up compliant token sales to everyone – beyond just the 1%.
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