Product Hunt Daily Digest
November 8th, 2017

Uber launching flyings cars in 2020 😮
We wanted flyings cars, all we got was a Chrome extension that blocks tweets longer than 140 characters.

What happened to the Future? (Founders Fund asked, in their famous manifesto). Let us explain.

1. Uber is launching flying cars in 2020. You read that correctly. The company announced an on-demand fully electric vertical takeoff and landing flying car service. The Uber app will have an "UberAir" option to select that is straight out of The Jetsons. Watch the video.

2. All we got was 140 characters. In the 24 hours since Twitter's 280 expansion humanity proved it cannot be trusted with such innovations. Brands, people, social media managers everywhere, have shown their true character posting the longest tweets they could imagine. Luckily, a developer found the cure to the devastation. Download 140 extension.

3. The greatest innovation ever launched over the weekend. 🦄
Watch: Uber Elevate
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