Product Hunt Daily Digest
September 21st, 2016

Fun easter eggs for Siri & Google Now 🐣
Apple recently released macOS Sierra, and Siri is everywhere (shortcut: activate Siri by pressing Option + Spacebar). You can ask her all kinds of things on the Mac, such as:

🕵 "Find all PDFs I worked on in the last 30 days"
📅 "Add 'research cat GIFs' tomorrow at 1pm to my calendar"
🤔 "What's a good Italian restaurant nearby?"
🎶 “Open Spotify and play Creed"

But there are so many more things you can ask (and Easter Eggs!) in this comprehensive list of Siri commands.

Now, if you're on Android, explore over 150 OK Google commands that work like a charm.
Siri Commands To Try 😺
Pitch with a GIF: A collection of the best explainer GIFs on Product Hunt. Thank you Jack Dweck for putting together this excellent round up of explainer GIF products. 😊