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October 16th, 2017

Facebook acquires App Store's #6 app 💰
Yesterday, Josh Constine broke the news that Facebook acquired tbh, the anonymous app where teens send each other compliments.

First reaction: that was fast! But it comes as no surprise, the app was going viral with the teens and became the #1 app in the App Store last month. As of today, tbh is just under Facebook in the #6 spot – quite impressive for a 9-week old app.

A quick snapshot of the App Store charts does show just how powerful Facebook is in the app world. Mark Zuckerberg and team deserve a lot of credit for acquisitions like Instagram, Oculus, and WhatsApp, and time will tell if tbh becomes as meaningful as those ones. Although, it's certainly a fun app you should try.

P.S. Mark Zuckerberg's most notable skill may also be Evan Spiegel's most underrated assets.
Download tbh – it's very fun 😀
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As promised, we just added three big new features to Ship:
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