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October 10th, 2017

Google Glass was ahead of its time. 👓 🕶
Today for the first day of Oculus Connect, Facebook's big event for the VR community. We have a special guest: SVRF co-founder is Sophia Dominguez is here to tell us about what's happening in the industry.

P.S. The SVRF team is curating the best 3D content for AR that you can browse through and download, for free. 🔥


The debate of “AR vs VR” feels never ending, and this distinction is counterproductive. They are in fact, one industry: Immersive

Think of everything before Immersive as looking through a glass window: you see only what the (phone) window allows you to see. With the new generation of Immersive content, you can stick your head out the window, touch things outside the glass, move into new worlds, and control your perspective and surroundings.

Where every medium before has limitations, Immersive does not.

Virtual (VR), Augmented (AR), and Mixed (MR) Realities sit on a continuum – from less to more control of what is virtual and what is “real”. In VR, your real world fades away and another world begins. With MR and AR, you can still see your real world environment, but digital objects are seamlessly integrated within.

Today, ARKit and ARCore applications are limited to what your phone permits you to see. In the future, when “headsets” (likely to look more like 👓/🕶) are omnipresent, people will choose if they want to view their experience with opacity (VR) or without opacity (AR/MR). 

Before you ask yourself, will AR be bigger than VR? Ask yourself, which product will be compelling enough to be used in whichever reality.

Here are some of the products that are doing just that today:

• Blocks, by Google: Easily create 3D models in virtual reality 📦
• Gravity Sketch: An app to easily create 3D models by sketching 🖌
• Sketchfab: Lets you explore a million things in AR & VR 💎
Remix 3D, by Microsoft: Totally forgot that this was made! This is awesome.
Best Immersive Apps
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