Product Hunt Daily Digest
October 4th, 2017

Google launched the future 🚀🚀
Sundar Pichai kicked off Google’s big event with a bold declaration: “We're shifting from a mobile first to an AI-first world, rebuilding every Google product with a focus on Artificial Intelligence."

Google announced a new GoPro-like wearable camera that clips onto things. But unlike the GoPro, Google Clips has machine learning built-in to the device to make your footage look amazing.

As expected, the company showed off the new Google Pixel 2. It's stunning. Apple fans everywhere are secretly canceling their iPhone X pre-orders. P.S. it has the highest rated smartphone camera ever built.

Then, in a never-ending stream of new hardware releases, we got to see the Google Home Max and the $49 Home Mini – two smart speakers powered by Google's AI assistant. Also, new computer machine. 💻

Lastly, Google announced their biggest surprise: Google Pixel Buds.
Everything Google Launched 🚀
Netflix just released a retro mobile game to celebrate the upcoming season of Stranger Things. Check it out and say goodbye to productivity. 📱👾