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September 18th, 2016

Build an app without writing code. It's magical. 💻✨
Software engineers have superpowers, but there are a lot of things you can build without writing a line of code.

Create a beautiful website in just a few clicks with Tilda, build a fully functional web app using Bubble, make your own games with Stencyl, and Code-Free Startup will teach you how to build Airbnb and other real world apps.

Build an app without writing code. It's magical. Full collection on Product Hunt.
Without Coding 😎
Get 3 months of InVision for FREE! This is what we use to share design mockups with the Product Hunt community and iterate as a team. #ad #gift 🎁😺
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Demonstrate Strong AI Governance: Get the ISO 42001 Compliance Checklist

The ISO 42001 framework enables organizations to demonstrate trustworthy AI practices in accordance with global standards. With Vanta, completing the requirements to achieve ISO 42001 compliance can be done in a fraction of the time. 95% of required document templates are pre-built for you, accelerating your path to compliance and helping you build trust. With Vanta’s ISO 42001 framework you can:

  • Save 85% of associated compliance costs
  • Get audit-ready in weeks instead of months
  • Access continuous control monitoring for AI governance
  • Vanta's ISO 42001 compliance checklist helps to lay the foundation for what your organization should expect when working towards certification.