Product Hunt Daily Digest
July 13th, 2017

Sneak peak at upcoming launches 👀🚀
Our mission has always been to surface awesome products and help makers connect with users. Recently we (semi-quietly) introduced a new feature called Upcoming to give the community a preview of tomorrow’s next 🔥 products, and makers an opportunity to build an audience and collect feedback before their public debut. 🚀

“Super happy about @ProductHunt’s new Upcoming feature. It’s really simple & useful.” — Hiten Shah

Today we’re giving you a sneak peak at some of the coolest products in development. Subscribe to get early access and support these makers before their launch.

• An early Github employee is building a Sunrise-like calendar 📅
• A 17-year-old quit his job and moved to SF to start Panda 🐼
• Get a sneak peak of Hiten Shah's latest product called Draftsend ✨
• Be first to know when PH's upcoming upcoming project is ready 🐱
• Zorpads is bringing NASA-tested tech to your everyday life 👟
• Discord's upcoming launch is the most subscribed to so far 🎥

Upcoming is in private beta but if you’re building a product, please subscribe here.
More Upcoming Launches 👀🚀
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