Product Hunt Daily Digest
September 6th, 2016

Happy iPhone 7 Day! RIP Headphone Jack. 📱🚀
The leaks and rumors leading up to today's Apple Event suggest that the iPhone 7 will look similar to the current design and sport a dual-lens camera system that will create DSLR quality images. It may also be waterproof, and come with a white rose to mourn the loss of the 3.5mm headphone jack.

In other news... Some of the coolest  products are not made by Apple:

👻 "Okay, this is literally the coolest present of all time."Evan Spiegel on Uncover

🍏 "There are no word to describe the joy and happiness these little green jewels bring to your life."Amazon review on Apple Jolly Ranchers

🔋 "Putting the battery in the wallet is very smart idea"Maxence on Wallet for iPhone

🔌 "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LI-I-IFE?"Nik Sharma, on Rihanna's reaction when seeing this product
Cool  Products
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