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June 26th, 2019

Superhuman gets $33M to make you ❤️email

About two years ago, the Product Hunt community got a first look at Superhuman, an app that promised to be the “fastest email experience in the world.” 60,000 people subscribed to get access.

Today, Superhuman remains invitation-only and its larger waiting list is 180,000 people long. How? There’s evidently a demand for a faster and more sophisticated email client than the 15-year-old Gmail.

“So...Superhuman has basically changed my life. 10/10 would recommend” - Camille Ricketts

“‘Sent via Superhuman’ is the blue checkmark of email.” - Leah Fessler

"I've been using Superhuman for a couple weeks now. When people ask me what it does for me, I reply 'Superhuman is like the Marie Kondo of email'" - Alexandre Scialom

So what happens when you do get that coveted Superhuman invitation (and pay the $30/month price tag for access)?

Superhuman plugs into your existing email account, but only works with Gmail and Google G Suite addresses right now.

Some of the app’s features: Superhuman lets users undo sending an email, track email opens and send follow-up reminders. 👋 It’s more ~unique~ features include keyboard shortcuts for everything, “instant intro” for moving introductory email senders to bcc and a scheduling tool that automatically pulls up your calendar when you’re typing out a day of the week. 💪

Today, Superhuman announced a $33M investment by Andreessen Horowitz, bringing the company’s total funding raised to $51M. The company is valued at roughly $260M.

We spoke with Superhuman founder, Rahul Vohra — who previously founded Rapportive (another email startup that sold to LinkedIn in 2012) — about the news, as well as the lessons he learned building a product that hasn’t actually launched yet.

“You'll see that folks love Superhuman for three main reasons: they get through their inbox twice as fast as before, they respond to important emails faster, and many see Inbox Zero for the first time in years. The funding will be used to double down on all three. Superhuman is already the fastest email experience in the world, but we are going to make it even faster” - Rahul

Read the full interview here.

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