Product Hunt Daily Digest
May 15th, 2019

The BIG thing new founders forget

Today’s Daily Digest was crafted by Product Hunt and sponsored by our friends at Embroker.

Want to cross something quick off your to-do list today? Insure your business.

The Embroker Startup Program launched last August with a suite of proprietary insurance policies, custom built for technology companies. More specifically, they're perfect for startups, as business insurance can be a common oversight for new founders. Embroker currently works with over 1,000 venture-backed startups on their insurance program, digitizing the entire business insurance process.

How it works: Embroker's technology allows you to purchase Director's & Officers, Employment Practices, Employment Practices Liability, Errors and Omissions and Cyber coverage online in minutes. Where alternatives can take weeks to get you a quote (and require you to submit sensitive financial documents like cap tables), you can get a quote and secure coverage immediately with Embroker.

Also, Embroker has advisors who specialize in helping startup founders navigate the (sometimes confusing) policy journey as your startup grows from inception to IPO. 🙌

“Our new investors require D&O insurance, which was turning out to be a multi-month process with five digit annual premium. Yesterday I saw that Embroker does D&O — two minutes later and we have D&O insurance for half the price. Mind blown. This is the world I want to live in!!!” - Andrew Wyatt, Co Founder at CALA

Pro tip: Embroker's customized coverage will also save you an average of 20 percent in costs.

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NEW POD! On this week's episode of Product Hunt Radio we talk with 2PM founder Web Smith about:

👀 The current state of direct-to-consumer
🤔 What Web would do if he was creating a D2C brand today
🙌 D2C companies that have mastered community

Listen now and big thanks to our sponsor Pilot for their support. 😸