Product Hunt Daily Digest
January 16th, 2019

Big news from AngelList

Two years ago Product Hunt joined AngelList’s family of companies to extend its mission to support startups and makers. Today we’re sharing some big milestones.

In 2018, we reached over $1 billion in assets under management (with 23 unicorns in the portfolio 🦄), 2 million active job-seekers, and 20,000 new products launched. Over 75% of startups that announced seed funding from leading U.S. investors in the last two years have raised, recruited or launched on AngelList or Product Hunt. Within that group:

💸 28% took money from a venture fund or syndicate run on AngelList
👥 59% used AngelList to hire
🚀 36% launched a product on Product Hunt

Over 100,000 startups of all sizes used AngelList to discover talent. Among U.S. job-seekers, six industries stood out in terms of where they want to work next: machine learning and AI, data and analytics, consumer, health,
blockchain and crypto, and social good.

Then there's you — the Product Hunt community. This past year makers and startups big and small launched the 120,000th product on the platform. 9K of you used our startup toolkit to attract and communicate with over 2.7M beta users. And well over 2M upvotes were cast from around the globe. 🌏

And we're building something brand new, too. Curious? Sign up, and we'll share a sneak peek shortly. 😉

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