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December 26th, 2018

We made a thing. Add your 2018 shout-outs. ❤️

Cue the 2018 reflection, it's almost the new year.

But we've decided to run a little experiment ahead of 2019. Instead of evaluating your old routines and habits, recognize the people and products that made a difference to you this year by giving them a shout out! 🎉

“There are too many people to thank! This year I have had the pleasure of connecting with makers from around the world who have helped me build my startup and side-projects, and helped keep me accountable.” - James

“Massive shout-out to all the Maker Mag community of writers and editors. Reading our group chat with its mix of silly jokes and serious brainstorming sessions never fails to put a smile on my face. Excited for 2019! 😻” - Anne-Laure

"As a first-time founder, I am ever grateful for all of the sage advice I received from other founders this past year. Special thanks to @rrhoover @ericbahn @staringispolite @jimmydouglas @vinlin @jasonoliver @jenlufer @thepriyadarshy @travisawakens @fraywing @davidpanzarella @thianhlu @eusden @bebe_chueh @nzxtjohnny for keeping me grounded and focused. Excited for what 2019 has in store! 🙏" - Jonathan

"HUGE shout-out to the entire @ProductHunt team. We accomplished a lot this year, including reaching profitability (in large part thanks to @ems_hodge's leadership)." - Ryan

Add your shout-outs and we'll share some of our favorites on Twitter. 😊

Give a Shout-Out

Want to know how many Uber rides you took? Or how much it cost you? Or the distance you traveled? Use this to find out your year in Uber. 🚘

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