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We checked the numbers, and, unlike Google’s AI, they don’t lie. Year on year, Product Hunt is seeing a 519.876% increase in launches in the category of ‘Artificial Intelligence,’ and Q1’s not over yet. Read the latest on all things AI in yesterday’s edition of Deeper Learning.

Intimate health, done discreetly

Men looking for a more discreet way to address intimate health concerns have a new solution: Sequoia.

Launched today, the app is designed to help men track, control, and improve their sexual health — while remaining completely anonymous.

Sequoia was founded by Denis Galka, who was inspired to build the privacy-first platform through personal experience: "When I was 23, I caught a cold that caused pelvic pain. At first, I didn't understand what was happening to me,” Denis remembers. “But I didn't dare visit a doctor! I felt embarrassed and hoped that it would go away by itself."

Self-directed sexual health: The app includes an Intimate Check-up, which assesses a user's current sexual health status, and a Personal Improvement Plan to help men reach their goals.

Sequoia also offers a Sexual Activity Tracker to monitor progress, up-to-date content for staying informed and sexually educated, and the ability to Ask Questions to a Doctor for personalized advice.

Demystifying taboo topics: Denis believes that Sequoia will be particularly beneficial for young people seeking sex education and for men who have faced sexual issues or want to prevent them in the future.

He says of his own experience, "The disease was gone, but some questions remained. Why did I feel so ashamed of revealing that health issue? Why was I afraid to discuss something which is natural for me as a man?"

Creating a safe space: By providing a safe and anonymous space for men to address their intimate health concerns, Sequoia aims to break the stigma surrounding male sexual health and encourage more open conversations about these issues.

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