Product Hunt Daily Digest
November 25th, 2018

Upvote your favorite Makers Festival project 😻🔼
A few weeks ago we announced the Makers Festival, bringing together the Product Hunt maker community. Today we’re unveiling a showcase of projects for you to explore and upvote.

As expected, we a saw a large global turnout of makers from dozens of countries creating unique solutions within voice/audio, social impact, health/beauty, remote working, brain stuff, inclusion and more. A few of these include:

💅 Keepin’ it Feel – A reflection tool for understating your emotions

😎 360 Calm – Guided VR relaxation and cognitive therapy

🗣 Yelling Across Cubicles – A walkie talkie for remote teams

👩 FeMake – The home of data on female makers

🕒 My Timezone Is – Easily share your timezone

Voting ends December 2nd. Next week we’ll announce the winners.

Huge thanks to all of you who participated, helped a fellow maker, and helped spread the word. 🙏
Upvote your Favorites
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