Product Hunt Daily Digest
November 21st, 2018

Thank you thank you thank you
Happy holiday! We thought today would be a good day to resurface this question on Ask Product Hunt: Who is a person that opened doors for you in your career when they didn’t have to? Share your responses (and tag your person!) with us on Twitter.

On behalf of the Product Hunt team, we're thankful to *you *and to...

🐱 Cats on the Internet
🐶 Dog on the Internet
🐐 Goats on the Internet
🌍 Makers all over the world
🗞 Learning about tech every day
🌀 This GIF-creating app
🐥 Twitter
⛵️ $7.5K in free AWS credits ;)
🎄 Presents from Apple (this year)
🔼 The most upvoted products this month (so far)
🎉 Product Hunt community meetup hosts (this could be you!)

And of course, YOU as well. 🙏
Give Thanks
Yesterday we were introduced to Shortcut Roulette, the most dangerous app to hit Product Hunt this month. Use with caution. 😯
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