Product Hunt Daily Digest
September 30th, 2018

Don't buy an iPhone Xs. Win this instead 📱
The new iPhone Xs costs over $1,000. It doesn't even come with AirPods. 😿

We solved your problem. Enter to win a brand new iPhone Xs and AirPods, courtesy of our friends at Elevator, Men's Health, and more:

😮 Apple's most stunning OLED screen ever.
📷 A camera that can adjust the depth of field *after* a picture is taken
😅 Picture-perfect Memoji that work inside Facetime
💃 Dance anywhere with Apple's "best cordless product ever."

New phone, new headphones, new you. Boom. 💥
Win a iPhone Xs

The inventor of the WWW just launched Solid, a set of protocols designed to let users take control of their data and take down the centralized web. 👊