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May 18th, 2022

This meeting could've been an email

Talking about remote work is so last year (and the year before that, too). Spend enough time looking at operating principles of tech companies and you might see this more and more: “We default to asynchronous work and tools.”

We don’t blame them. We do it too. The discourse around the topic is also interesting. While most in this thread agree and embrace the flexibility of async work, striking a balance and finding the right tools to do it can be a challenge.

That’s where products like Werk come in. Werk acts like an OS for remote and hybrid teams that want to have their asynchronous communications centralized in one place. The tool allows you to record and share your screen for others to see later. You can also add tasks into a customizable task manager, create docs, and use thread chats so you don't miss a topic while chatting.

Claap, which got a lot of love from the community, focuses on the video aspect of async collaboration. The platform helps you get contextual feedback with annotations and time-stamped comments that others can add to your recordings.

Async workflows can help us reach that uninterrupted focus time to actually get $#*% done. That does mean work can get lonely and isolating sometimes. There are things we can do, though. Virtuelly curates, manages, and delivers team events and off-sites to help build connections across distributed teams. You can choose from 150+ experiences, including dumpling making, interactive Bollywood parties, and murder mystery challenges.

What’s your async tech stack? Let us know.

Werk, werk, werk, werk 💃
  • API Tracker’s search engine is like IMDb for APIs, covering ​​5,600 APIs, 17,000+ endpoints, and 600,000+ developers.

  • Comonetize lets you build a monetizable job board using an automated billing and notification system.

  • This Iconduck Figma plug-in gives you access to 118,894 open source icons, emojis, and illustrations.

  • Social Media Customer Service Guide is a free book offering insights into how to provide great customer support on social media.

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“I’m a dad with 3 kids and I was annoyed by the fact that at work I have dozens of powerful tools to organize and manage my team. But at home to get the kids ready for school, I have nothing. It was chaos.”

So he built School Morning Routine, a gamified to-do list to help parents get kids ready for school.

To calmer mornings