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August 13th, 2018

Want to meetup?
Meetups have been an important part of the Product Hunt community since the beginning. To date, community members around the world have hosted more than 500 meetups (!!!) in Ghana, New York, Austin, Tel Aviv, Dubai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Toronto, Amsterdam, and beyoooonnnd.

As much as we love online communities, our strongest friendships (and sometimes future business partnerships) form in person.

So... we're introducing Product Hunt Events to help people connect IRL and meet other Product Hunt community members in your city.

Browse and filter events based on your location (e.g. Paris) and soon interest (e.g. blockchain). You’ll find a mixture of awesome conferences, evening talks, workshops, and community-led meetups.

You can also promote your own event to the community. Click here. 🤗

If you're less of a planner, explore a few of the events coming up and special shout out to a few launch sponsors: RepubliCoin, Slush 2018, Web Summit, and Synapse 2018.

See you offline. 😊
PH Events 🗓️
Drones are fun. Everybody agrees.

Not having a drone is not fun. Have fun. Win a drone (and a trip to Ecuador!).
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