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July 9th, 2018

You have one unread message 👀

Once upon a time, Twitter didn’t have DMs. 

It was a simple tool to broadcast your breakfast choices to the world, but there was no way to discuss your avocado toast choices in private. Naturally, as the community grew and people started to form real relationships, there was strong demand to chat in private.

Twitter mirrored every other large social network. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, reddit and most community platforms make messaging a core part of the product. People want to communicate with friends.

Today, we’re introducing Chat to make it easy for the Product Hunt community to connect outside the public comment section.

While simple, it's quite robust. You can start a:

🔒 Private 1-on-1 chat. Message a friend, move a public conversation to private, or talk with the maker of a product directly.

🤐 Private group chat. Bring together your best side-project buddies and friends to problem-solve together.

🤗 Public group chat. Makers, use this to start a conversation with your users or beta testers. We designed this to be lightweight and easier to jump into than Slack and other heavier messaging apps.

It’s often said that every social network eventually adds messaging… well, now you can include Product Hunt on that list. Give it a shot. 😅

Try PH Chat 💬

Android users rejoice: this new app blocks notifications when you're at work, driving, or sleeping. Nifty. 😴

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