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February 9th, 2022

Rebel Girls launches its new app

The rebels are back.

No, we’re not talking about rapping bitcoin thieves. We’re talking about Malala Yousafzai, Frida Khalo, and RBG, to name a few.

Yesterday, Rebel Girls launched its app filled with audio stories of the adventures and accomplishments of women from around the world and throughout history.

Rebel Girls got its start in 2016 when founders Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo launched a Kickstarter campaign for a book called “Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls.” The book featured a collection of one-page stories from the past and the present, illustrated by 100 female artists from all over the world.

With a background in journalism, Favilli had moved from Italy with Cavallo (who has since left Rebel Girls for other pursuits) to start a publishing company. She began writing a newsletter with text, images, and stories about famous and unknown women and it began generating interest and subscribers. Her next step was launching her concept as a book on Kickstarter, which could be seen as a bit rebellious itself given traditional publishing models.

The book blew past its funding goal. Within weeks the makers raised $675,614 in pledges on Kickstarter and $1.2 million in total with funds from IndieGogo.

Good Night Stories went on to become a New York Times bestseller and sell over 3 million copies. The Rebel Girls media and publishing company has published several more books and a podcast that features stories narrated by modern, influential women.

The new Rebel Girls app carries its award-winning storytelling, eye-catching illustrations, and narrations from admirable women into a new digital format. As an example, you can listen to the story of Simon Biles, the Olympic gymnast tied as the most decorated gymnast of all time, read by decorated alpine ski racer, Lindsey Vonn.

“Every story in the app is filled with inspirational messages and highlights various socio-emotional needs,” shared Rebel Girls Cheif Product Officer, Melissa Mazman.

Rebel Girls has a number of stories available to listen to for free, from Beyonce to Maya Angelou.

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Norm is launching its Model B desk today with a mission to become “the last desk you’ll ever buy.”

Norm Model B Desk includes a spill-proof power outlet, two fast-charge USB-C ports, and a wireless charger. It also buzzes anytime you slouch so you can keep your posture in check.

What do you think – is this the desk to end all desks?

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