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February 7th, 2022

Map the internet

In December, we did a roundup of startups that are reinventing spreadsheets. Products like Actiondesk empower users to pull data together and gather insights so they can answer questions on their own (i.e. without having to wait on engineers or the BI team.)

Clay is a new launch today in that space, offering a tool that “creates spreadsheets that fill themselves.” Perhaps the best way to understand Clay is through sample workflows that users can create without code. A marketing or sales representative, for example, can directly pull in LinkedIn data, add emails and phone numbers from sources like Clearbit and, add their formula for determining qualified leads, and then sync those qualified leads back to the CRM.

“I love the integrations, especially that they work out-of-the-box without the need to enter my own API keys,” wrote early adopter Luca Rossi.

Clay lets you scrape data from the internet to turn any website into a data source. It may not be the only scraping tool, but Clay's Chrome extension is generating interest from the community.

Maker Kareem Amin explains: “​​For more adventurous hackers, our Chrome extension makes it possible for anyone to 'map' a webpage so that eventually when every page on the internet is mapped, no one will have to waste time scraping data again!”

What if the data falls out of date? Amin explains that mappings can be edited, so when someone sees data that is out of data, they can simply update it and help the whole community. The team plans to define a way to reward users who do so.

Maker Yogesh Agarwal adds:

“IMO the beauty with the extension is that it's insanely easy to reconfigure the scrapers so that whenever someone sees something that's broken they can update it themselves in a few seconds.”

You add your feedback for the team by clicking through below, or go ahead and help your fellow internet goers and...

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