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February 23rd, 2021

Remote onboarding FTW
See Rippling
Today's newsletter was crafted by us and sponsored by our friends at Rippling.

Rippling has helped thousands of startups automate their HR and IT.

In its latest product drop, Rippling is making it easier for startups to hire and manage people remotely, anywhere in the United States.

As soon as someone is hired out of state, Rippling's new PEO will automatically register the company with each state tax agency, keeping it compliant with all of the different local labor laws. Rippling will handle the whole onboarding process, from payroll and benefits to devices and apps (like Slack, AWS, and GitHub).

For anyone that has hired someone out of state and only afterward realized the paperwork headache that can follow - this product is for you.

The Rippling PEO can also give founders and employees access to better benefits that would normally only be accessible to much larger companies. As a result, Rippling can help some companies save an average of $1,775 per employee per year in benefits and admin savings.

With Rippling, founders can manage and run HR and IT all in one place, meaning more time for doing what matters most, building your product.
"June is a glass of water in hell." 👀

Dropped today, June is an instant analytics platform for use on top of Segment. Or it's a glass of water in hell. You tell us.🚰

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