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August 26th, 2020

“Zero fees is a game changer”
Today’s newsletter was crafted by us and sponsored by our friends at Brex.

Brex Cash first appeared on our scene last year, hunted while in public beta by long-time community member Chris Messina. The launch was one of the most upvoted of the day and received promising early feedback from the community:

“Zero fees is a game changer” – Ellen

“Brex is taking over! Appreciate the rewards still + some yield…” – Caelan

“I really like the way Brex implemented the integration of Cash with the card... they make it as simple as possible” – Dalton

Brex has since publicly launched Brex Cash—you can now sign up in minutes (and from home). Customers immediately get access to $0 ACH and wire transfers (including internationally), with no limits on how many you can send.

Combined with a high-limit Brex Card (up to 10-20x higher limits with no personal guarantee), spend management features, and integrations like QuickBooks and Netsuite, Brex Cash lets businesses run from a single dashboard, saving you time so you can focus on scaling your business instead of worrying about housekeeping. (They’re reporting up to 10 hours a week on time saved per customer). The built-in receipt matching is a nice touch, too. Nobody enjoys submitting expenses (but if you do, can you submit ours? 😉).

In addition, Brex offers multipliers like 7x on rideshare, 4x on travel, 3x on restaurants, and 2x on software, and for those more tailored to remote teams, it’s offering 7x on collaboration tools like Slack, and Zoom, and 3x on food delivery services like Caviar and Doordash.

From cash management and credit cards to spend controls, Brex allows complete finance management all in one place. You can apply here.

NB: Businesses need to be US based in order to sign up for Brex. For important disclosures and more information, click here.

Terms subject to change. Brex Inc. provides a corporate card. The Brex Mastercard® Corporate Credit Card is issued by Emigrant Bank, Member FDIC.

Brex Treasury LLC is an affiliated SEC-registered broker-dealer and member of FINRA and SIPC that provides Brex Cash, a program that allows customers to elect to sweep uninvested cash balances into certain money market mutual funds or FDIC-insured bank accounts at program banks. Investing in securities products involves risk, including possible loss of principal. Brex Treasury is not a bank and your Brex Cash account is not a bank account. Please see for important legal disclosures. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.
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