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June 29th, 2020

Lululemon acquired this startup for $500M

Two years ago Mirror launched on Product Hunt. The $1,500 at-home fitness trainer was met with skepticism:

“$1500 for Mirror + $40 per month is going to be a hard sell. There will definitely be a luxury market for it, but many will just set up a $5 mirror and a free YouTube video to achieve a very similar experience.” – Joshua

Others saw the value right away:

“I'm this close to trying it. Currently my husband and I never have time to work out. We have a 1 yr old and a 3 yr old and both work full time. Between drop offs and pick ups and play time and dinner, we do not have time to even sign up for classes at the gym right down the street.” – Heather

Since then Mirror – a 2018 Golden Kitty Award winner – has done well. As gyms remain closed during the pandemic, demand for Mirror and similar home workout devices have risen dramatically.

Now Lululemon wants to get into the game. Yesterday the apparel company announced their $500M acquisition of Mirror, likely the first of many attractive M&A opportunities in this category. A few others to keep an eye on:

Tempo, backed by Founders Fund, Khosla, and others, offers a similar form factor as Mirror but with greater focus on weight lifting.

Tonal, a $2,995 electromagnetic wall-mounted gym, is currently backordered by ~3 months.

And then there’s Supernatural, marrying VR gaming with home fitness. It’s unlike anything else we’ve seen.

Which co will be acquired next? 🤔
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